Oxo Good Grips Silicone Pastry Basting Brush For Baking Cooking & Glazing

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OXO Good Grips Silicone Pastry Brush


  1. Gaps in centre bristles hold liquids for easy transport and spreading
  2. Tapered outer bristles glide gently over pastries
  3. Heat resistant to 600°F/315°C
  4. Angled head keeps bristles off countertop
  5. Bristles never clump or frizz and are easy to clean and odour resistant
  6. Dishwasher safe

20 reviews for Oxo Good Grips Silicone Pastry Basting Brush For Baking Cooking & Glazing

  1. B. Eisenhauer

    I love how this brush works for bread making. It was a great investment. Whether brushing melted butter or egg wash, the OXO Good Grips Silicon Brush holds onto the wash with little dripping. The design is excellent, such that the bristles are at an angle, making distribution if the wash ergonomically easy. I consider the brush an essential tool for my bread making hobby.

  2. Jason

    Simply doesn’t hold oil like a normal brush, making it a bit of a pain to use sometimes depending on item size. It does however not leave loose bristles on food like my other normal one does, and it is also easier to clean. It makes it give or take really, so buy it if you prefer less cleanup and you can accept less ideal function than a bristled brush.

  3. Mowafag Omer

    Though slightly more expensive than other similar products, it looks and feels robust. Not quite sure about the silicon strips in the middle though. I read that they are for holding more liquid, but that’s not the case in actuality. Overall, not a bad product for the price.

  4. A Woman of a Certain Age

    I must admit that I thought this was expensive for what it was. But then I remembered just how many pastry brushes I have bought over the years and ended up throwing away. This one cleans easily, doesn’t shed hairs or lose it’s shape. But I still think it is expensive so 1 star off for that.

  5. Amazon Customer

    I’m tired of misleading 5 star reviews on Amazon. When I tried this product for the first time I wondered if I ordered the wrong one by mistake, but no, I didn’t.The bristles are thick, far apart, and made of nylon-like material that offers zero absorption. A felt pad type material is inserted at the core is the designers’ sad answer to retaining any liquid. The result is complete frustration when trying to use this thing as an actual brush (which we cannot even call it that). It takes 10-15 strokes before you start seeing anything applied, and when you do, it’s inconsistent, leaving some dry spots here and runny ones there.An improvised tool made by attaching a piece of paper towel to a chopstick (my go-to solution in a pinch) works WAY better than this piece of garbage.

  6. Ralph Furlong

    was looking for a replacement for a regular wood handled brush that I had used for years. Found this one and thought I would give it a try. Here is what I found: 1. There are two rows of bristles with a row of flat perforated pieces of silicon between them. I presume the function of that middle row is to hold butter or egg wash in the holes. So, it does not hold liquids the same way that a regular brush does. It works, but I am still deciding if I like the way it works. 2. The angled head on the brush is good in one aspect, but bad in another. Good in that it provides an easy angle, bad in that the angle only works in one direction! Try using the other side and it is a real pain in the wrist!! So, you really only have one working side to this brush.. 3. It has survived one washing in the top rack of the dish washer. Time will tell how it does over the long haul.Overall, I like the concept, just not completely sold yet on the execution. That is the way change works sometimes. Maybe I just need a bit of time to get adjusted to it. So, I will give it a four star for now and then adjust it if I need to over time.


    Well it’s a pastry brush,the good thing’s are it’s easier to clean than a bristle one,and can be dried out quicker. It holds lots more liquid as well, due to the interior bristles holding more. threw my old moulting one away.No more hairy topped pies

  8. Joseph William McQuade

    I’ve had silicone pastry brushes before, but always found that they either don’t hold on to enough liquid, or are just too stiff or flimsy to be any use. This one hits the balance just right, giving reliable brushing without the worry of a hair-bristled brush leaving you a little surprise.I’ve used it to put egg-washes on delicate breads, brush water to seal stuffed-crusts on pizza, and to baste slow-cooked brisket – it’s always been up to the task. My only complaint is that, as found in the case of the brisket, it can cling on to larger bits of herbs or spice and can be a little difficult to clean. This would be the case with any brush, though, and the transparent bristles at least allow you to notice and deal with it before you end up with unexpected chilli-flakes on your brioche!

  9. Kelly

    I love this basting brush.It does everything right. It bastes. It is tilted so it doesn’t leave sauce on the counter. It is easy to clean.Unfortunately this is my 3rd one I’m ordering, because MY DOG ALSO ENJOYS THIS BASTING BRUSH. He steals it out the dishwasher when I’m not looking and tears off all the bristles.Anyway, the point is, it’s good enough that I’m ordering this exact one over and over again and instating a rule that these only go in the top rack.

  10. J

    The handle isn’t the only component that’s made of silicone–the bristles are silicone as well. Sounds strange, but it works.The brush is angled so that the bristles stay off the counter. It’s not aggressively angled, but just enough that the bristles won’t touch the surface even when weighed down with BBQ sauce.OXO says the brush is dishwasher-safe, and I had no problems placing it on the top rack.I haven’t used it on anything warmer than 250 F, but it’s silicone, which doesn’t melt easily.

  11. redboots

    I had a small wooden pastry brush that was more of a traditional brush. Some friends borrowed it to use with bbq-ing meat. I’m a veggie. Yuk! So I needed a new pastry brush! This got good reviews and I was tempted by the silicone thinking it might be easier to clean and a bit tougher. I use it for things like filo pastry. So I melt some butter and have it in a dish and use the brush to coat each layer. It just doesn’t coat t very well. It’s not very easy to spread and it’s difficult to get it to spread thinly. I’ll need to get around to replacing it with one like my old one…

  12. MarkS

    Review of OXO Good Grips Silicone Basting & Pastry Brush-SmallWe had a good quality / brand basting brush, but we found that the bristles were likely to come out pretty much every time that we used. My wife loves the dishwasher, but *I* am not a big fan and just wash things “old school” when I’m doing stuff. I put the brush into the hot sudsy water, got distracted and it was left to soak in there for almost an hour. When I returned to finish up, the whole bristle pack fell out of the handle and that was that.My wife definitely wanted another basting brush, but asked that I see what the options are, because picking bristles off our food was not something that she wanted to ever do again.We have some silicone spatulas, so I thought that this would be worth a shot. This OXO has turned out to be a VERY good choice. For us, the nicest thing is to not have to worry about the bristles, but also, it’s easy to hold and use for my wife’s small hand and mine and cleans up reasonably well.The cleaning of it is kind of hard to gauge. We don’t use the dishwasher for this, I suspect that you shouldn’t and it’s not worth it to us to risk the brush by testing it. The silicone has a slightly “slick” feel so after washing you may wonder, is that just the nature of a silicone brush OR did we not get all the butter washed off?In the end, this is a super nice basting brush and we would buy it again. In fact, we’ll probably order the larger brush. I would recommend it to friends.

  13. William Bliss

    I’ve had this for several years now… and it’s just OK. You have to work quick, because the silicone doesn’t hold on to whatever you are trying to brush on. Also, you have to make sure you are holding the bowl (or whatever) over the thing you are brushing because it will drip.The pro: You can toss it in the dishwasher, and it lasts.Maybe I’m just old, but I prefer bristle brushes — but I hate cleaning them… So, I keep this one.

  14. Angel

    It’s great, like any OXO product I’ve used so far. But I’m just wondering if an average silicone brush would have done the same sort of job. Is it worth buying this when compared to other ones? I’m not sure when compared to other silicone ones. But it is definitely so much better than an average wooden one with bristles

  15. Alysia P.

    Does not work well as a pastry brush. Took a long time to move melted butter around pastry and you could see all the gaps where the butter wasn’t on the pastry. The same happened with egg wash as well. Took three times as long to do the job as it would have with a cheap paint brush.

  16. Laura

    I got this one to make baklava after my garbage disposal had my last one for lunch :(It is easy to clean and use, didn’t rip any of my filo dough, has an angled neck so it rests easily on the side of the bowl! I would habe preferred if it had held onto more butter. Overall, it’s nice, even though I prefer a boar bristle brush!

  17. Anonymous.

    Having read so many reviews for a decent pastry brush, I opted for one that had a great manufacturer’s name. I ended up coming back to this OXO brush because the other brush I first opted for was a dismissal failure for my needs, ( the hassle I could have saved by just spending a couple of £’s more for this first time around ). On this OXO pastry/glazing brush the bristles are made with a good material providing a little ‘friction’, and not ‘slipperiness’ like some brushes which don’t hold the glaze/melted icing etc. very well, ‘coats’ and spreads well in other words. Well thought out centre structure ‘holds’ melted butter well for my glazing needs to minimise having to keep ‘loading’ the brush ( dipping in glaze, melted butter etc. ). For me this does what I expect of it and it cleans up well with dishwashing soap and quite warm water, then a good rinse under quite warm water and holds its ‘shape’, very good grip handle too. As for the ‘angled’ head ? Another one of those simple things incorporated on this brush to simply put it down without glazing ‘everything’ it’s placed on while being used, pure genius in simple thinking ! ( I’ll add this pastry brush to my personal list of ‘little gems’ I sometimes come across on Amazon ! )

  18. Trinkets and treats

    I didn’t know this when I ordered it, but between the bristles, there’s a layer of silicone strips with sifter-like circular holes on them that catch the drops of liquid and hold them there as though they were bubbles, and release them when you brush them up against something. Such a simple solution to leaking…makes you wonder why you never thought of it yourself. Fabulous! Well worth the price.

  19. Just Some Woman

    Pastry brushes are one of those things that I buy on a fairly regular basis. Either the bristles tend to come out or the whole head becomes detached or they just aren’t vry nice to use. I am quite pleased with this, though. It’s a bit more substantial than others, and washes, egg or milk, go on well. I put it in the dishwasher, and so far nothing untoward has happened. Nice little item.

  20. Janiene

    I have always liked using a plain old brush but did not see many that didnt drop their bristles too often. I had received a free silicone basting brush as a part of some other order and was really disappointed with it. The head kept falling off when you tried to use it and you would have to try and scoop as much sauce onto the brush before it all dripped off and slap it around a bit. Lots of flapping and slapping. After watching a Cooks Corner where they addressed this topic, they picked this brush. I love OXO so I decided to give it a try. It solves the no sauce on the brush problem by interesting middle baffles that catch and hold the sauce in the brush so you have something to work with. The brush part has enough constitution to work effectively to move the sauce where you want it to go. It has worked well for us and we like that we can just throw it in the dishwasher to clean up.

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